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NO 2020 CWA4400 PICNIC. We have been informed by Stricker's Grove that due to the COVID-19 pandemic they will not open for all of 2020. Our date for 2021 has been secured.

8 Minutes, 46 Seconds—Stop Work
Thursday, June 11, 12 Noon
Black Lives Matter

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As trade unionists and as Americans, we were all outraged by the vicious murder of George Floyd. We are heartened by the uprising of hundreds of thousands of Americans, Black, Brown and White, demanding an end to racism and declaring: “Black Lives Matter.”

Because of Covid-19, it has been difficult for many of us to show our solidarity with this movement.

However, on Thursday, June 11, at 12 noon in each time zone, CWA members and allies across the globe will take a stand against racism by doing what trade unionists do when they are protesting for what’s right and fair: Stopping Work.

We are asking all of our members to stop and reflect for 8 minutes and 46 seconds—to remember the length of time the Minneapolis police officer had his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

Obviously, all of our members work in different circumstances. Many are still working at home. Some must care for patients or engage with customers. Please encourage your members to observe the 8:46 in whatever way works best for them. Here are some suggestions:

● Gather in a small group in your workplace, socially distanced, and hold signs in solidarity. Downloadable signs are available at
● Stand up in your work location.
● Take a knee in your work location.
● Use your lunch break to hold a socially distanced picket line outside your work location.
● Take a selfie that can be posted in solidarity. Post this with your selfie: 8:46. Stop Work and Reflect. Black Lives Matter. #CWAforBlackLives

Do not abandon patients and customers. Figure out a way to engage in the protest that works for you.

The morning of the protest, officers and shop stewards should reach out to local management to make them aware of the plans for protest and ask them to join the action.

This is not an action that we take lightly. Any time we stop work for any length of time, it’s serious business. We are asking you to observe these moments of solidarity on Thursday, and in the future, because the problems of racism and police violence are deadly serious.

Thank you in advance and Solidarity Forever!

Linda L. Hinton, Vice President, CWA District 4, on behalf of President Chris Shelton and the CWA Executive Board





Dear Colleagues:

As we attempt to navigate our day-to-day lives as normally as possible during these abnormal times, I find myself thinking of others who are challenged with achieving a milestone in their lives without the typical recognition that would accompany it. Specifically, I am thinking of our high school and college graduates of 2020. We want to be able to provide an opportunity for our members in CWA District 4 to honor their graduates on their milestone, and be recognized by our CWA family.

We have created a link by which our members can click on and post a message to their 2020 graduate, along with a picture (optional). The link is provided below.

We will then place all of the 2020 high school and college graduates on our CWA District 4 Website. This can then be available with a link that will be shared to our members so that they are able to view all of these young people who have worked so hard to reach this milestone and ensure that they are honored and recognized by their CWA Family.

This is open to all CWA D4 members who would like to recognize a 2020 graduate.

In Solidarity,


Linda L. Hinton

Vice President

CWA District 4

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the US we are all aware of the effects it is having on all our lives. This crisis has put our members on the front line doing the critical work necessary to keep our families, friends, co-workers, and the necessary business community connected. During the difficult days, weeks, and months ahead this work is more important than ever. CWA Local 4400 could not be more proud of how our members have responded. Please read the important message from CWA President Chris Shelton below, visit, and as always feel free to call the Union Hall with any questions or concerns 513-681-4400. #stongertogether


As the situation is constantly evolving please read all communications sent out by your employer. We have contracts with multiple companies and they all have different guidelines/protocols to follow. We have members that live in multiple states, here are the links to those state's websites for more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19).
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With all the things happening right now, declared emergencies, school closings, crowd restrictions...etc, a little due diligence on everyone's part is not a bad thing. Washing hands, carrying hand sanitizer, covering your mouth for a cough or sneeze are always good habits. Whether you are surrounded by people in a office or outside in the public, a little common sense goes along way. Also, follow your company's guidelines for the current corona-virus situation.

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